Accounting and Assurance Services

If you own a business, the annual audit can sometimes feel like a time-consuming and costly process that only benefits the  legal authorities.

We make sure all your tedious reporting requirements are met as effortlessly as possible - banks, creditors, finance providers, and even the Inland Revenue, no reason to complain. But more than that - we aim to offer you the kind of business advice that could help you to run your company in a manner that is not only well-organized, but also cost-effective. We also offer expert corporate tax planning advice and, to make sure you are as tax-efficient as possible.

We provide the following Assurance related Services

Internal Audit / Concurrent Audit

We focus on ensuring adherence to strong internal control systems to diminish the risk of accidental or deliberate errors  and  exceptions,  safeguarding of assets,  sufficient  division of authority  over  key  control  areas  and compliance with internal operating policies are other focus areas of our procedures.

Management Audit

Efficiency  and competence  of management are  key  determinants of any  organization's success.  Our  measures aim to maximize management performance by focusing on improving processes within the organization.

Operations and Efficiency Audit

Our goal is to guarantee that resources of the organization are optimized to deliver maximum possible value. We concentrate  on streamlining processes,  curtailing waste  and objective  measurement of  management and staff performance.

Special Investigative Audit

Despite designing and instating high quality control systems, organizations do face situations involving scam and financial impropriety. We have assisted clients in detecting such situations and taking counteractive measures.

Financial Due Diligence Review

We  help our  clients in conducting financial,  legal  and accounting reviews  in case  of mergers,  acquisitions and investments. A clear understanding of local laws, regulations and accounting practices enables us to scrutinize all vital issues in detail.

Costing and Accounting System Design and Review

Precision and accuracy are essential in evaluating and managing cost and accounting data. Our assistance in developing and installing these systems eases the decision making process of the management.

Compilation of final accounts as per acceptable accounting standards

We assist clients in compilation of financial accounts per accepted accounting standards which help companies to compete effectively and efficiently in global market.