Payroll Solutions

We  Provide  complete  payroll  solutions that  are  tailored  to  meet  your  company’s specific  needs. 

Preparation of the monthly payroll based on the inputs received from organization.  The same would include all statutory and other relevant deductions as required.  We ensure deductions of all relevant amounts and as per applicable statutory laws like Income Tax, Provident Fund etc.

We take care the Complete Payroll (Including the Month/Year-End activities) like : Professional Tax,
Provident Fund,
e-TDS filing,
Form 16 generation,
ESIC Report,
Full & Final PT Settlement Services,
Generation of SALARY Register,
Salary reconciliation statements,
Generation of Pay slips and e-mail to employees,
CTC Expenses reimbursements verification services &
Annual Statutory Compliance Services- Investment Proof Verification, 4 quarter eTDS returns , Digital Form 16, 12BA and Form 24…(Yearly).

We’re  proud  of  our  personalized  service.  Our products and  superior  service  means  our
clients  experience  a substantial savings over what our competitors charge. We save you time and

We Make Payroll Simple. We design and develop payroll and tax solutions for your employees, with our Payroll service, we deposit payroll taxes, plus file your quarterly and year-end returns.

"RKSA" assumes responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of all deposits and returns AND We  are always available when you need us.