Taxation Advisory and Compliance Service

"RKSA" provides quality tax advisory and compliance services to its clients based on the experience gained by dealing with a multitude of clients.

This experience has helped us in developing customized solutions within the frame work of the Tax Laws and has helped our  clients in obtaining optimal  tax  solutions. Our  tax  advisory  department keeps an eagle eye on the latest legal judgments and tax laws along with the changing economic scenario.

We  provide  end-to-end Tax  Planning,  Tax  Consultancy  Services.  We  have  experience  in  providing  direct  and indirect tax consultancy to corporate clients, Indian Resident Individuals and Non Residents.

Services under this category can be classified as under:

1)Tax Support and Consultancy Services

We provide wide-ranging tax support and consultancy services in the following areas :

A) Direct Taxes

a) Income Tax: We provide complete  advisory  on Indian Tax  Laws,  which covers tax administration & procedure, guide to corporate tax and capital gains.

b) Wealth Tax: Wealth tax is levied on the benefits derived from property ownership. The tax is to be paid annually and our assistance keeps you tension free.

B) Indirect Taxes

a)  Service  Tax  :  Our  services  include  complete  guidance  on  the  acts,  rules,  notifications  and  legal provisions on service tax in India.

b) Sales Tax (VAT): We present comprehensive advisory on issues related to Sales Tax/ Value Added Tax.

c) Excise Duty: We are there to keep you tax compliant on the relevant enactments governing levy and collection of central excise duty and advise you on Central Excise law prevalent in India

C) International Taxation

The  borderless  global  economy  means  competent  and  enterprising  taxation  professionals  are  a  basic requirement to keep the wheels of corporate businesses turning. We are there to guide you in regard to International tax regulatory framework.

D) Advisory on Double Taxation Avoidance

A person earning any income may have to pay tax in the country in which the income is earned (Source Country) and in the country in which he is resident. As such, the said income may be liable to tax in both the countries.  To  avoid  this  hardship  of  double  taxation,  there  are  Double  Taxation  Avoidance  Agreements (DTAAs) with various countries.

2) Tax Services for Corporate Clients

Our  clients are mostly local or multinational entities that seek advice for their  executives in order  to plan their investments  or  offer  financial  guidance;  and/or  establish  employees’  incentive  schemes.  We  can  provide appropriate and cost efficient ways to avoid or extenuate tax liability and supply information regarding local tax liabilities. We also undertake drafting remuneration packages for executives, investment schemes for employees and specialize in undertaking Direct tax support services for corporate clients.

Compilation of final accounts as per acceptable accounting standards

We assist clients in compilation of financial accounts per accepted accounting standards which help companies to compete effectively and efficiently in global market.