RKSA's Key Mentor

"RKSA"  is  backed  by  a  team  of  motivated  and trained  professionals headed by Mr. R.K.Sachdev, a Chartered Accountant and Certified Information System Auditor from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, having more than 18 years of vast experience as business advisor and consultant to a number of corporate houses, small and medium clients and Individual high net worth individuals. At  present  we have   Senior  Chartered  Accountants  with  diverse experience in the field of Accounts Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Managing of Payroll, Corporate Finance, Incubation Advisory, Management  Consultancy and financial tax planning,  are being associated with the "RKSA".

Besides above Company Secretaries, Cost and Works Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA’s) , Corporate Lawyers and MBA's with`extensive experience in secretarial practices and financial engineering , restructuring and research and hard core accounting and system`Implementation professional are associated and available as per the client's requirement. Our dedicated team comprises of competent people`with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction. Some of the key`members of our "RKSA" Team consists of are :

 CA. R.K. Sachdev, (B.Com., FCA, ISA (ICAI))
 CA. Alok Khare, (B.Com., FCA, ISA (ICAI))
 CA. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, (B.Com., FCA)
 CA. Sanjeev Kumar, (BSc. FCA,  ISA (ICAI))
 CA. Nitin Seth, (B.Com, FCA (ICAI))